Writing an editing on a grand scale





My experience in journalism and marketing prepared me for the challenge of tailoring and delivering complex, technical and commercial messaging to a variety of audiences.

I regularly work with academic institutions, global businesses and third-sector organisations.

I’m available to work on or offsite and will consider opportunities around the world.


Tone-of-voice development | House style guides
Annual reports | Marketing communications
HE marketing | Plain English | Academic prospectuses
Third-sector funding applications


Rates are calculated on a per-project basis.


My work as a copy-editor ensures audiences are not distracted by errors and inconsistencies, building trust and confidence in the things you have to say.

I can efficiently reduce word counts without altering tone, distorting meaning, oversimplifying the message or  diluting your corporate or authorial voice. After all, your  writing should read like it was written by you.


Academic publishing | Teaching resources and textbooks
Corporate reports | Third-sector publishing
Long-form journalism | Non-fiction


£28.50 per hour. Project rates available on request.


Proofreading is the last line of defence between your project and the printing press (or its online equivalent), and its purpose is threefold:

  1. To provide a second pair of eyes: editorial work is a human process (and always will be), so proofreaders are there to catch anything the copy-editor may have missed.

  2. To eliminate errors that might have been introduced to the text since editing: copy can easily be compromised by processes like typesetting and design.

  3. To add the finishing touches: checking pagination, cross-referencing and all the other things that can’t be done until the text has made it onto the pages!

Key skills

Attention to detail | Stakeholder liaison
Checking pagination, cross-references and running heads
PDF and LaTex mark-up


£25.00 per hour. Project rates available on request.

Academic proofreading

If you’re a student working on an essay, dissertation or thesis, I can help. Most universities now recognise that students sometimes need editorial assistance with their written work, but with deadlines looming, you need someone who comes recommended.

Your work must be your own, so unlike with other editing and proofreading services, academic proofreaders can’t make or suggest material changes to your writing. My academic proofreading service will improve the quality and consistency of your written work and prepare you for the professional rigours of academic publishing.


Postgraduate and PhD candidates | ESL/EAL students
Students with language-based learning difficulties
Mature students | Journal article authors


£15 per 1,000 words. Reference checking and formatting are charged for separately.