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House bile is an occasional feature explaining a) what to do, (2) what not to do and iii. why that convention you've been following is dumb. This time, we look at the term Kafkaesque.

Unless you're describing actually turning into a dung beetle or literally never finishing a novel, you are using this incorrectly. Your struggles at the DMV, issues downloading the correct assembly instructions for the IKEA Trysil wardrobe or bafflement at the range of available cat litters are merely Kafka-ish, and you should adjust yourself accordingly.

See also: Orwellian. Very few things in your life are similar to anything you can find in the works of Eric Arthur Blair. However, if you've ever found yourself despondently pumping lead into the hide of a deranged Indian elephant, under the cosh of a porcine overclass or trying to get laid without having your face eaten by rats, you get a pass. Otherwise, prefer Orwellular.