Monday 4 March 2019: Mark Hollis, RIP

This week’s Office chart is inspired largely by the news of Mark Hollis’s passing last week.

Hollis was the genius behind Talk Talk’s seminal Spirit of Eden, which is perhaps my favourite album of all time. Shout out to former editor, friend and client Nick Southall, talking about his love for Hollis on his blog.

© Colin Cooper

© Colin Cooper

I also went to see the fantastic Manchester Collective performing Schubert’s epic ‘Death and the Maiden’ and George Crumb’s mind-boggling Vietnam War threnody, so a movement from each recordings of these is included here, along with Elvis Costello, just because.

  1. Happiness is Easy – Talk Talk

  2. John Cope – Talk Talk

  3. Talk Talk – Talk Talk

  4. It’s Getting Late in the Evening – Talk Talk

  5. Eden – Talk Talk

  6. Black Angels: III. Return (Crumb) – Kronos Quartet

  7. Ascension Day – Talk Talk

  8. The Watershed – Mark Hollis

  9. Death and the Maiden: Scherzo (Schubert) – The Helsinki Strings

  10. (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding – Elvis Costello